Franchise will also be the authorized contracted service of Paintless Dent Repair point by the insurance companies with which Göçük Sepeti has a contract.
Franchise service will provide mobile service in the region it is responsible for.
Social media advertisements of the franchising company are made by our company and the franchise company does not pay any price for the advertisement.
Franchising fee is 5,000 Euro + VAT.
The franchise company will continue to serve as long as it successfully represents the GÖÇÜKSEPETİ brand in its region.
When the franchise company receives a tender for vehicles in its region (hail damage, etc.), technical personnel from other franchise services will be transferred to that region, and technical personnel support will be provided to the company providing the franchise service, which has received the tender.
4 technicians from the company providing franchising services will receive 3 days of free training at the Göçük Sepeti Training Center in Istanbul.
The personnel working in the company that provides franchise services will be provided with summer and winter Gökük Sepeti special clothes free of charge.
The unit prices of the products in the franchise package are lower than the prices in our Göçük Sepeti online store. Discounted prices are determined for each product in dealer status.



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